¿En época de crisis, es factible construir el futuro?

Ricardo Prada Ospina, Pablo Cesar Ocampo


Prosperity, is to live happy and stay without effort; It is the peace of mind that everything you need to perform and / or succeed in life. Consequently, economic growth should be in sound logic, leading to the instrument creating greater prosperity. As incomes grow, should also improve the chances of realization, to enjoy a more comfortable life rich in short, to acquire a higher level of well-being and quality of life. That is, at least, which in theory is supposed to happen. Today, however, things are not so easily satisfied with that view. Global economic growth, propelled in large amount by submission to mere profit and profit, is in doubt and danger. In times of crisis, organizations must find tools or methodologies that enable them to build their future, and thus make the best decisions.

Palabras clave

Crisis, prosperity, future, choice, value networks, processes.

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