Mathematical model for an energy mixed system as technological alternative in the electric power supply in not interconnected areas

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Bio digester, Biogas, Mixed energy system, Electric generator. Biodigestor
generador electrico


This article final product is a mathematical model from an Energy Mixed System (EMS) using Biogas – Electrical Energy (B-EE) from residual biomass from porcine garbage is developed through a Case Study conducted in San Antonio del Tequendama, Cundinamarca, Colombia. This research reports the relations among carbon – nitrogen (C; N), temperature and PH levels in regards to the total or partial capacity of charging in an organic way; and the relations between the nominal potency and the consumption of residential electric power regarding the generator as variables for the ideal operation of the biodigester. The study standardizes a 2.84 “Chorizo” biodigester for six (6) hogs with a charge of 1:30 relation C: N, a temperature between 18 and 24 °C; implementing a 6.8 and 7.2 intermission of PH. In order to give a potency of 2 KW to a generator that works with this biogas, for a consumption of 0. 55 m^3 h, to be able to guarantee 2kwh in a farm sustainable and auto sufficient.



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Maquinas eléctricas, Chapman 6° Ed

Estimativa do tamanho mínimo de rebanho suíno para aimplementação de sistema de geração de energia elétrica de35 kwh, 150 kwh, 275 kwh e 590 kwh, usando biogás comocombustível para grupos geradores, ferrarez, (2010) 2.html

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