Demographics and consumption analysis of virtual products in the videogame industry: the Dota 2 case study


  • Lily Ballesteros Quintero Universidad Sorbonne Paris


Palabras clave:

E-sports, Virtual platforms, MOBA, Capitalization, Virtual Games.


The development of the video game industry has grown enormously in recent years. In the case of MOBAs1, Dota 2 is one of the most attractive video games among players throughout the world. This video game has been translated into 26 languages and its monetization hinges upon additional purchases of the players, since the game itself is free. Its flagship event, the Dota 2 International, is the e-sports tournament with the highest participation, viewership, and prizes that can go up to 34 million dollars (USD), which is mostly financed by the battle passes purchased by the players. These characteristics have motivated us to study this case by analyzing the structure and operation of DOTA 2, the profile of its players, and their investments in time and money within the game.


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